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FREE Pro Mani Tool Kit (worth £22.99) on all orders over £50!!
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4733 VERIFIED reviews (and counting!)
FREE Pro Mani Tool Kit (worth £22.99) on all orders over £50!!
We're RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.88 / 5



Play Video about Holy Grail Nail Nail Wrap Application Video

The best time to apply wraps is at bedtime! This gives the longest time for the adhesive to stick properly!

Our wraps do involve glue and like a lot of sticky stuff its best not to get them wet until they are properly adhered to your nails.

We recommend not getting the wraps wet within 4 hrs after application as this may cause the adhesive not to stick properly.

Remember to use washing up gloves for the washing up to keep your mani in tip top condition!

Normal showering and bathing is absolutely fine, obvs!

In winter, or if its a bit cold, or if the wrap just seems a bit stiff, then it can help to warm them up a bit. This can also be helpful for glitter wraps which can be a bit thicker.

You can use a quick blast with a hairdryer or put them on the radiator for a bit to do this.

This will soften the adhesive and make them more sticky. 

Wash your hands to remove any hand cream / SPF / natural oils. Make sure any traces of nail polish remover used previously  are washed off. Dry hands.

Push your cuticles back gently (to avoid the nail wrap sticking to your cuticle).

Open the packet and remove the wraps.

Full instructions can be found on the back of the packet. A wooden nail file is included with the set for convenience.

Cut open the foil packet, taking care not to damage the wraps. Make sure you only cut the edge of the packet, not the wraps themselves. Remove the wraps from the packet.

Choose a nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail and stick it so that it leaves a tiny gap between your skin and the nail on all sides.

If the nail wrap is too large, it will stick to your skin and is more likely to peel off prematurely.

Peel the clear plastic protective film off of the top of the nail wraps.

Peel off the wrap from the backing and place it on your nail from the cuticle end, and smooth down gently. 

Leave a tiny gap between the wrap and your cuticle to prevent lifting.

Press the wrap firmly onto your natural nail.

Rub the wrap, and rub and bit more so it is firmly adhered to your nail. Push out any air bubbles.

Cut off the excess wrap with nail scissors or clippers. Fold the remaining excess down over the tip of the nail, making sure the edge of your nail is covered with the wrap.

Use a nail file to file in a downwards direction underneath the tip of your nail to remove any remainder of the wrap.

Do not file upwards otherwise your wrap will come off! Try to file downwards, at a 90 degree angle for a clean cut.

Remove any excess wrap that is left over.

If you have short nails are are not able to file them, trim the nail wrap around your finger nail end using clippers.

Our EXTRA LARGE CRYSTAL NAIL FILE is ideal for achieving a smooth finish to the tip of your wrap and nail.

Repeat the process for each of your nails – don’t worry, you’ll soon be a dab hand!

Leave your thumb until last.

Do a final check before curing to make sure that all of your wraps are properly adhered.

Cure your nails for 120 seconds using our lovely UV/LED LAMP, which specifically designed for our wraps.

Cover with a clear top coat to seal and prolong wear time. Put a little top coat over the edge of the nail too to seal the edge and make the wrap really long lasting!

We recommend our ULTIMATE SHINE TOP COAT for this, which is UV cured.

You can also use MAGIC GLOSS TOP COAT. This is non-UV cured.

When applying top coat, wipe any excess off of your skin otherwise water can get into the gap between the layer of polish and the wrap and cause lifting.

Replace any unused wraps in the protective packet.


IMPORTANT: Although tempting, do not peel the wraps off your nails to remove them, which may be damaging for your natural nails. please use one of the methods below

Using our MAGIC REMOVER – this is the easiest method and enables completely damage free removal of your wraps or gels, even if you use a UV gel topcoat. It also doesn’t dry out your nails like nail polish remover!

Simply thoroughly file the shiny surface off of your nail wrap or gel with the buffing block provided, paint on the remover, wait for 5 minutes and then scrape or wipe off!

See full Magic Remover Instructions.

Soak off method – soak a cotton ball in acetone based nail polish remover and apply to your nail, then wrap a small piece of tin foil over the top to keep the cotton in place.

Repeat for all 10 fingers.

Wait 15-20 minutes, and then remove.