1. The process is super quick and easy!

    Magic Remover is designed to dissolve away your wraps and gels without damage.

  2. Buff the surface of your nail

    Simply throughly buff the surface of your nail to remove the shiny coat and allow the Magic Remover to penetrate.

  3. Paint on the Magic Remover

    Paint on one generous coat of Magic Remover and leave on for 5-6 minutes. Within a minute or two you will start to see the magic happen and your polish will start to bubble up.

  4. Scrape… and you’re done!

    Scrape off your polish with a cuticle stick or pusher – job done!

  5. Layered polish

    If you have several layers of nail polish / top coat you may need to repeat the process.

  6. Finally…

    Don’t be tempted to peel off your nail wraps or gels. This will cause nail damage. Make sure that your wraps or gels are fully dissolved before removing.