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Visiting a nail salon for a Gel nail manicure can be time consuming and costly! Now you can achieve a professional salon Gel manicure easily and conveniently at home, in a fraction of the time, with our new Gel nail wrap products!

Our Gel nails are specially made from real gel nail polish which is 60% cured in advance. You apply them in the same way as an ordinary nail wrap, and cure them under our Holy Grail Nail LED Lamp for 60 seconds, finishing the curing process completely. After that, they are as hard as nails!

You can apply them onto bare natural nails, or onto a base coat if your nails require extra protection.  Our Holy Grail Nail Strengthener (coming soon) is perfect as a base coat!

Once cured, your Gel nails  can last up to 3 weeks without chipping and look pretty much perfect until you choose to take them off! We’ve tested them extensively and they’ve lasted through digging the garden, cooking, cleaning, bathing the kids, working life and just about everything in between!

Each Holy Grail Nail pack includes: 20 individual gel nail wraps in various sizes to fit your nails, a wooden cuticle stick used for application and small emery board.  We recommend a glass file, such as our Holy Grail Nail Extra Large Crystal Nail File for the cleanest and best results.

How to apply

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any grease, oils, creams or sunscreen
  2. Push back cuticles if you would like to – you don’t have to
  3. Choose a gel nail strip closest to your nail size – remember slightly smaller is better so as not to overlap on your skin or cuticle
  4. Peel off the protective transparent layer and lift from the backing sheet. Apply to the nail (you can stretch the gel nail strips gently if needed)
  5. Push down firmly, rubbing your thumb all over the gel nail to stick it down and remove any air bubbles
  6. Cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp
  7. To really enhance the high gloss finish and durability, you can add a UV cured top coat such as our Holy Grail Nail Ultimate Shine Top Coat, (coming soon) and cure again for 60 seconds. Or if you want to go matte, switch up your look with our Holy Grail Nail Matte Top Coat (coming soon)
  8. Replace any unused strips into the light-protective pocket and keep in a dark place to avoid exposure to sunlight so you can use them if needed. Exposure to sunlight will harden your spare strips


The strips can either be removed using the “soak off” method, as with normal UV cured gel nail polish or using our Holy Grail Nail Magic Remover for Gel and Nail Wraps (coming soon).

Soak off method soak a cotton ball in acetone based nail polish remover and apply to your nail, then wrap a small piece of tin foil over the top to keep the cotton in place. Repeat for all 10 fingers. Wait 15-20 minutes, and then remove.


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Birgit Selch

even on top of a color as second layer, really amazing on pink or red