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The ORIGINAL HOLY G - beware of (higher priced) imitations!
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4691 VERIFIED reviews (and counting!)
We're RATED ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.88 / 5


We always recommend applying your nail wraps around bed time, so the adhesive has a chance to set overnight. This really helps with durability! The longer the wraps have to set, the better!

And try not to expose your hands to water in the 4 hours after application, to give the adhesive time to set. We’d always suggest using gloves for washing up.

This is often because the wrap is too cold, meaning that the adhesive hasn’t reached maximum stickiness! Try using a hairdryer to warm them up (very short blast of a few seconds), or try rubbing them on a heater for a few seconds , etc. This will soften the adhesive and make it easier to stick.

This is usually due to application technique. As with many things, the prep is important.

Wash your hands with dish soap to remove all oils. Then push back your cuticles or remove your cuticles with CUTICLE MAGIC.  Any oil / cream / sunscreen on your nails will cause the wrap to peel off. 

Make sure you the place wrap so that it is not touching your cuticle or skin. If there is overlap on your skin or cuticle, the wrap is more likely to peel off.   Choose a wrap that is very slightly smaller than your nail for best results. After applying the wrap, press down thoroughly all over the nail surface. That adhesive needs to stick well, so the more you press, the better the adhesion! Press, press and press again!

Don’t forget to press in the corners of your nail beds too (using a wooden cuticle pusher can help).

Finally seal in your wraps with a good quality top coat.


Avoid using quick dry top coats.

Make sure to follow one of the removal techniques outlined on the INSTRUCTIONS for each of our products.

Perhaps the easiest removal method is using MAGIC REMOVER.

Whilst it is tempting to do (especially if you want to get that next style on the go!) peeling the wraps off can damage your natural nail by tugging at the surface. 

If you’ve peeled and need to repair you nails, try lots of nourishing hand cream, use cuticle oil twice daily, try using biotin vitamin supplements and apply nail strengthener.

Let any damage grow out before using nail wraps again.

When applying top coats, take care not to shake the bottle as this can introduce air bubbles.

Thin layers are better than thick layers. 

Not every top coat is suitable for every person (we all have different nail chemistry!). If you do not get the results you are expecting with your top coat, it is worth trying another, or switching to a UV curable top coat.

Sunscreen, hand creams and body moisturizer can sometimes cause the nail wraps to become soft and sticky. Sealing your nail wraps in with a top coat will prevent this and help your nail wraps last longer. 

If you’ve followed all the steps above and are still having problems, you may have oily nail beds.

Try cleaning them with an alcohol wipe before application.

Try applying the wraps to your non dominant hand first, then your dominant hand, but leave both thumbs until the end, as you will use your thumb nails for peeling off wraps etc and these wraps are the most likely to be damaged in the process of you applying to your other fingers. 

Tip wear can happen! Sometimes no matter how careful we are, the tips of our nails can get a lot of wear and just rub off.  Glitter wraps are usually a bit better for this because of their thickness, as are Gels and Crystal wraps. 

If you are a classic wrap user, incorporating  a UV/LED Top Coat, instead of a normal one can help to protect the nail tips much more effectively – and when you apply, capping the tips (putting a little extra across the very tip of your nail) can help to reduce the tip wear.

Sometimes wraps can shrink back a fraction by the following day if they have been stretched whilst putting them on or whilst filing. Make sure you don’t stretch them too much, and trimming the wrap rather than filing can sometimes be better (as filing can sometimes stretch and fray the tip of the wrap).

Some quick dry top coats can also cause shrinkage, so make sure you test the top coat before using. Our MAGIC GLOSS TOP COAT works perfectly!

If you are having difficulty trimming, the best way is to turn your hand over, and trim using nail clippers from the palm side of the hand, then if needed, very gently file in a downwards motion to finish (this may not be necessary with practice if you can trim right up to the nail).  

A trick some of our customers do is to cut the wraps a little bit past the nails and then fold the overhang and tuck it in under the tip until it “sets” a little. Once it has had a little while to set, and adhere to the very tips of your nails, you can then start filing!

If you are having problems with the ends of your wraps chipping, try following our trimming guidelines above, and then sealing the ends of the wraps with a good quality top coat, such as ULTIMATE SHINE TOP COAT or MAGIC GLOSS TOP COAT

Small chips can be filed off, and then a new layer of top coat can be applied, to give your mani a new lease of life.

Our glitter wraps are a bit thicker than a solid or plain patterned wrap, because of all the glitter in them.

If you are having problems applying, then try warming them up by giving them a short blast with a hair dryer. This will make them more flexible and easier to put on.

We know, it can be a bit fiddly but here’s a tip to remove all at once – using a piece of sellotape, place across the middle section of the wrap – the bit that all of the wraps are attached to – and then peel off! Voila, all of the plastic should come off!

When taking off each piece of plastic, put it down on the silver foil packaging – it will stick to that instead of your fingers.

Our Classic Wraps (including Wide Fit and Kids Wraps) do not contain gel – they are made from normal nail polish so are completely fine for gel allergy sufferers.

Our Gel wraps and our Crystal wraps are both made of gel, and so if you have a gel allergy, it is best to be cautious with these.